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Jaguars  NFL Game Online

Week 1 of the preseason gave us the taste of NFL football we desperately needed, and now it’s already time for Week 2! This slate of exhibition football will bring us a few fun matchups and more playing time for some first stringers, and although we wish it meant something, that’s still a win.

After two years of untimely injuries and then watching Nick Foles save back-to-back seasons, the Eagles are all in with starting quarterback Carson Wentz. Philadelphia gave him a 128 million contract extension in the offseason, and the team said goodbye to Foles, who took over for an injured Wentz in both 2017 and 2018 and led them to the playoffs (and a Super Bowl win during the 2017 season). The Eagles preseason game vs. the Jaguars, which you can for free on NFL Game Pass on Thursday night, could be another chance for Wentz to get ready for a season where he won’t have an experienced backup waiting in the wings in case he suffers yet another injury (or he might not play at all).

How To Watch Jaguars NFL Game Full Season

The Jaguars, meanwhile, are watching as Foles tries to elevate himself into the kind of starting quarterback that can last an entire season and still lead his team to the postseason. Foles—who signed an 88 million deal in the offseason with Jacksonville after walking away from Philadelphia—isn’t expected to play Thursday, though, so there won’t be any kind of Wentz vs. Foles drama.

Still, there’s a game to be played. Here’s everything you need to know to find an Eagles vs. Jaguars .

Eagles vs Jaguars NFL game pass Phliadelphia Eagles/YouTube
Philadelphia Eagles vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

This game isn’t available for national TV consumption via NFL Network, but if you need to watch a broadcast and you’re not currently in either the Philadelphia or Jacksonville TV markets, the solution to ing this game is NFL Game Pass.

The NFL Game Pass is a great value for NFL fans. It s each out-of-market preseason game, and fans can watch and replay all NFL football games, full broadcasts, and condensed recaps 45 minutes after a regular-season game airs. You can also choose to watch the game like a ref with end-zone viewpoints or listen to the broadcast of your local radio team. The NFL Game Pass is subscription-based—it costs 99.99 for the entire season, and the annual subscription doesn’t run out until July 31, 2020—but fans can get a free, seven-day trial to start just in time for the Eagles vs. Jaguars game.

NFL Game Pass also allows subscribers access to original NFL shows, including Hard Knocks, A Football Life, and Mic’d Up.

You can NFL Game Pass via Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, PS4, Roku, Android TV, iOS and Android devices, and Google Chromecast.